Studio Updates

Studio updates.


Growing up, I was best friends with Kerry's sister, Megan. We thought bugging Kerry was the BEST thing EVER. Our days consisted of literally hiding in Kerry's closet, while she would sit on the phone with friends discussing their day to day activities. (I can't recall any real hot and juicy drama but it was all the same to us!)  Megan and I (and a gang of others) would also dress up in dark weird clothes and go on "missions" that would also somehow end with us "spying" on Kerry. Well, fast forward (at least) 20 years, and here we are! Only this time I had permission to be taking her photos!  Haha!  

Our shoot started at BEAUTIFUL Leo Carillo Ranch in Carlsbad. This tree was seriously GORGEOUS!

Our shoot started at BEAUTIFUL Leo Carillo Ranch in Carlsbad. This tree was seriously GORGEOUS!

After we were swiftly escorted off Leo Carillo Grounds promptly at 5pm, We decide to continue the party at Guajome Park for sunset. Luckily, Kerry & Brady live nearby so we stopped by their house to pick up their sweet pup Abbie, so she could paw-ticipate in the fun. :) I have to admit, Abbie did steal the show a TINY bit.....but commmmmon! Look at that face! 

Kerry & Brady have decided to wait to find out the sex of the baby until the birth, and they also are going to wait to share the names they have chosen. (AHHHH! Patience is a virtue....patience is a virtue....) While that decision is putting me on pins & needles, I do have to say hats off to them for having that kind of strength. I think at this point in own my pregnancy, I had shouted the sex from the social media roof tops, and probably had her name embroidered on a blanket or two.....or five.

Watching the two of them laugh their way into each photo was absolutely the highlight of my day. The love and happiness these two share for each other, Abbie and their soon-to-be fourth member of the Spencer Squad is infectious! I am truly humbled that I got to play a small part in helping create memories for their new little family!  Get ready for the next year of your lives you two - It is going to be the BEST one yet!